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Cooked too many tapioca pearls... now what?

Tapioca Pearls Creations

Cooked too much tapioca pearls... now what?

Tapioca pearls are always best consumed the same day after cooking... but sometimes you make a mistake with the amount. What then?

Here we share 7 great ideas of what you can do with cooked tapioca pearls besides bubble tea!

  1. Use as a yogurt topping

Quick and easy: just sprinkle the tapioca pearls over your fruit or plain yogurt... voila, the perfect breakfast snack!

  1. As an ingredient for oatmeal

Fitness enthusiasts especially like to recharge their energy reserves with a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. Tapioca pearls are a great ingredient to mix in here for more "bite" and texture. The porridge can be eaten cold or warm.

  1. Pancakes with tapioca pearls

Not only syrup, honey and cream are super delicious as pancake toppings... tapioca pearls are the perfect "icing on the cake"!

  1. As ice cream toppings

Bourbon vanilla or coffee ice cream works especially well! Just give it a try. The slight caramel sweetness of the tapioca rounds out the vanilla flavor perfectly, and the texture makes this dessert a little more interesting.

  1. As a baking ingredient for cookies

Just substitute tapioca pearls for chocolate chips... yummy!

  1. As topping for cupcakes

Especially for very soft, creamy cupcakes, tapioca pearls provide a welcome "bite" and caramel flavor. Irresistible!

  1. Tapioca pearls on French toast

We don't know what the French think of this creation, but we super like this combination. The soft, flavorful French toast is definitely jazzed up by the tapioca pearls.

Tapioca is a very versatile fun food! Share your creations with us on Instagram: @bubbleteafunshop

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